Thursday, February 24, 2011

Are the criteria of value the same for different types of art works (painting, literature, music, architecture)? If not, how and why do they differ?

 No, the criteria of value is not the same for the different types of art. While the basic principles of design are the same for the various art s -like composition, rhythm, balance, and proportion- the way in which we perceive the arts is different. while architecture and art is the visual perception of art, music is the aural perception of art and is therefore interpreted  and judged differently. however all art is judged equally based on its aesthetic value to the beholder

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Design Principles

Interior of the Kaufman House by Frank Lloyd Wright 
Unity and can be seen in the use of stone as a material for the walls, the layers of stone create horizontal emphases. Variety can be found between this feature and the three wooden selves that protrude out and run along the top of the wall. Unity can also be found between the wall and floor finishes, which are uneven and natural in appearance and colour.

 The floor is finished with irregular sealed and waxed flag stones (polished to give the impression of the surface of a stream) that contrast to both the the natural bedrock which protrudes up to form the hearth, and the natural stacked stone used in the walls. There is also a contrast between these cold hard materials and the soft warm fabric furnishing used.   

Horizontal emphasis is created in the space by means of the shelving, low furniture, and the rough stone work wall finishes. The use of natural materials helps to emphasis the link between exterior and interior.

The colours used throughout the interior are mostly natural, due the use of natural materials, while the fabrics used for the furnishing are reminiscent of Autumn reds and yellows, which create a strong link to the surrounding natural views.

 Can be found in the use of the modular furnishings and stone work, it can also be found in the use of natural colours and tones.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Design ideology for my 4th year Studio project

        For my 4th year Degree project in Studio I intend to create a new music performance venue and recording studio. The main idea of the project is to provide up-and-coming, Independent bands  and buskers form the city and suburbs with a venue to gather together in, practice, perform and record. 

       I wish to create a  venue that will accommodate and spread the musical talent of Dublin's young music performers.